1.  WATER, WATER, WATER!!  There is no substitute for water.  Juice is not water.  Coffee is not water.  Water helps avoid constipation, water lubricates your joints, water regulates your body temperature, water carries nutrients and oxygen through your body to feed your cells, water hydrates, and water protects vital organs in your body.

2.  MOTION IS LOTION!!  Without movement, arthritis and degeneration will have an opportunity to creep in and cause problems.  A Chiropractic adjustment can move specific joints that are sticky or stuck.

3.  MICROBREAK!!  Several times throughout the day, you should stop what you are doing, stand up as tall as you can and reach both arms toward the sky.  Take a deep breath in and stretch from fingers to toes as you breathe out.  Your spine will thank you!

4.  MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY!!  If you do not take care of yourself, you will not be able to take care of anyone else.  Take some time out for yourself and make yourself a priority.